My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida

Recently my husband, who is a senior citizen which his income is soley based on pension and social security. Has been summoned to court by a third party that purchased the credit card debt. We have been through numerous happenings, between health on both of us, employment layoff on my part. With that we got behind with everything. We tried to sell our home to pay off the debt of credit cards we had, it didn't sell after 6 months on the market. We then refinanced the home and was able to pay off some of our debt but then the mortgage payment increased and put us behind more not being able to pay the credit card companies that were still owed. Mind you this one particular company refused to negotiate with us when we refinanced in order to a settlement or even to catch up, and threatened court. So now they sold the account to this third party which is now taking him to court.
We are now so far behind with everything that his vehicle might be repossed if its not sold in the next 30 days, we are trying to do a short sale on our home before it forecloses. We have no real high dollar assets for them to take from us. Along with as I said he is a retiree, senior citizen. What can he do other then showing that our health wasn't up to pair and my employment ended to not win our case, we admit fault that we need to pay this debt, we just can't do it with the income we have and be able to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.
What possibly will the judge rule, can they put him in jail? I did find out they can't garnish his social security or his pension but they can make it hard for us when the moneys are direct deposited and freeze our account and bring him back into court to show they can't do that to that moneys since it comes from SS and pension. Please help me however you can as to what we can do. Thank you
Hopeless Roadstar