My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Arkansas

Ok here's the short version, I had custody of my kids 6 yr ago and moved from Arkansas, I did not knw I had to get permission to move frm the state. I lost custody dispite proving over and over that the father is using and selling drugs. He's been in and out of jail and we've been back and forth to court, the only thing that has been said is that he needs to go to rehab, the judge found no need to change custody at that time.

Now he's in prison (he went Monday) for violation of probation on a felony possession of cocain charge, from what I've been told by the county he was arrested in he was sentenced 2 weeks ago and they gave him 2 weeks to get his affairs in order, he never told me about this, I found out on my own...

He's 35 years old and has lived with his mother all his life when we were seperated he moved back, so they live with her too... I assume the kids are with her now.

When I take him back to court (or go ex-parte) is she going to have a chance to get my kids?