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    Default Biological Mom Wants Nothing To Do With Me

    My question involves child support in the State of: Oregon

    So here is my situation: I got a woman pregnant, supposedly. She is approx. 6 weeks along and is moving back to Kansas where all her family is so that she can be taken care of. We have talked about the child. Me being much younger then her and starting college am an no state of my life to be a father. She on the other hand, is an accepting, pro life Christian who is ready for this challenge. She understands my situation and being as we have no type of relationship, really doesn't want anything to do with me. So that is part of her big huge plan. Move back to Kansas, raise the baby with the help of family and friends, and live her life. She doesn't want my support. Looks as though everything is good, but my question here is this: Is there any legal way that I can adopt the child over to her completely, or take my name off the birth certificate so that 5 years from now, I wont get summoned to a Paternity Hearing and dishing out cash for the next 13 years for a child whose life I'm no part of? I know nothing of this woman, so I can't take her word. It is a very messed up situation, but i'm totally unaware of anything I can do, just to have peace of mind. any help? Please?

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    Default Re: Biological Mom Wants Nothing To Do With Me!

    You have no child unless paternity is established.

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    Default Re: Biological Mom Wants Nothing To Do With Me

    Here's your problem. First of all, Panther is correct, until paternity is established, you legally have no child. However, if her big plan goes south and she ends up applying for public assistance, they will compel her to name the father of the child. Welfare will move to establish paternity and you will be liable for paying them back the money they give to her to raise the child.

    You will not be able to sign the child away just to avoid supporting him/her.

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