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    Question Getting A License In North Carolina With Two DUI Offenses In Florida

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida and North Carolina: My Son got his Second DUI Offence about 4 + years ago in Florida ( both were in Florida), he is currently not on probation of any kind all fines were paid but did not get a breath machince installed in his wife's Vehicle so he has not driven since the Offence, he wants to move back to NC, he had a clean driving recond while living here. Would he be able to get a drivers license in NC ? at least a work permit?
    Thank you.

    Any and All information would be helpful he is married and having his 4th child, it is to expensive to raise his children in Floirda and wants to move back to North Carolina

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    Default Re: Getting A License In North Carolina With Two DUI Offenses In Florida

    Once he clears his suspension in Florida, he should be able to get a license in North Carolina.

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    Default Re: Getting A License In North Carolina With Two DUI Offenses In Florida

    I would wonder why he got TWO DUI's and what was his punishment? I can tell you after having one I will NEVER do as much as take mouthwash and drive again!

    I can see getting one, and believe that it is often a wake up call to many of us, but getting multiples I would question if he has a drinking problem? I am NOT trying to be judgemental as I know how bad the situation is and he may well have an honest explanation for why he got two.

    I will say though, it is just something that is crazy to do! Even the hardened criminals in the prison they sent me to who were there for murder asked me why I was so stupid to do that- (miami-dade women's correctional) after the arresting officer lied to me and told me I did not need to be bonded as I was only on an 8 hour hold (after 8 hours I was laughed at for asking when I was being released and at that point it was like 2am and I was told I was being transported to prison to await my arraignment and finally tracked down a friend by calling her work on a Sunday and was released late Sunday night rather than waiting for an arraignment Monday as I wanted legal representation and wanted out!)

    Just a question as I do not know maybe he has been inside before but 40 something hours- and 7600 dollars (legal fees including 100 for the bond) was plenty to teach me it was not a crime worth committing again. I am always surprised to hear people getting caught more than once as I would think once is a costly enough episode emotionally and financially not to mention the cost of a conviction on your insurance, your life, your ability to rent anywhere, to get a job, etc.

    I consider myself blessed that a) I did not hurt anyone or myself and b) I somehow got lucky enough to hire a lawyer that was formidable enough to make a state attorney, either as a personal favor or on the merits of his motions, to not re-file charges after the officer failed to show at my trial date and smart enough to have filed a motion for a speedy trial for me prior to the trial date in case something like that happened making it only 60 days of waiting rather than the two years that the statute otherwise would have allowed for the SAO to file.

    I would be curious to know the circumstances and the punishment your son got? I am assuming, since he has two convictions, he either had no lawyer and pled out or a public defender?

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