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    Default Ex Spouse Filing Bankruptcy On Joint Home

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of:

    My ex husband is filing chapter 7 bankruptcy on the home we jointly owned. He owned it before we married but we refinanced while we were married. We both live in Arkansas. In our divorce decree he was ordered to refinance the home and relieve me of any obligations to any of his debt including the home. He failed to do so. I have hired an attorney (but am not having much luck getting a response out of the attorney) and I am taking him back to court on contempt charges because he has failed to take care of this obligation. We do go to court on this before he goes to court on his bankruptcy. My question is what options do I have and will I be able to get out of this without ruining my credit????
    Thank you!!

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    Default Re: Ex Spouse Filing Bankruptcy On Joint Home

    The mortgage lender doesn't care if your credit is ruined - if you're on the mortgage and the payments aren't being made, they'll put it on your credit report. Your lawyer is probably trying to get the most favorable ruling possible in the divorce case in advance of the bankruptcy proceedings to try to render the mortgage nondischargeable. But I can only guess - ask your lawyer what the plan is.

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