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    Default Trust Fund Theft

    My question involves personal finance in the State of: Wisconsin

    Here's the deal, I have a family member who has a trust fund set up from inherited money. Said person does not have access to the trust fund or inherited money due to the persons age. However, said family is able to receive monthly checks from two sources : The trustee (who is an uncle) and their broker. The person can go to either one and request money for different things (rent, bills, etc..) however. This person is not in full control of their finances. Their mother is. Only recently did I discover that the mother of said person has lied and stolen from her child up to $2000 dollars. The mother used it for personal transactions such as paying off debts to people that have loaned her money in the past.

    I'm tired of seeing this person being exploited and being pushed over. Also recently this month, the mother has requested money from her child for a down payment on an apartment.

    Any and all money that the mothers child receives comes from the trust fund.

    Now my question is this, is there anyone I can report this to? I don't have access to the numbers of the trustee or broker. But something needs to be done.

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    Default Re: Trust Fund Theft

    You don't seem to have any actual evidence of any improper conduct - it sounds like guesswork. If this is a minor, with the trust under the supervision of a court, the court may be able to entertain some sort of action for an accounting. But I don't see that you would have any standing to initiate it. If it's not a minor, the beneficiary can act on his or her own behalf.

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