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    Default Building Inspector Misconduct

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: wv

    After the owner of an apartment building took ill and had to be taken to a hospital the building inspector told all the tennants they had 8 days to vacate his apartment building its condemned. He told them all the walls needed gutted and all wiring replaced also. Was that even legal? No notification was given to his wife or family of his illness or that he was going to evict his tennants.

    After the wife arrived to over see what had happened she was informed by them they were forced out by the inspector and the building was condemned. I have photos of the building if needed that clearly show its in good condition far from a state of being condemned. The owner has always had trouble with the city trying to steal his property and this may be another attempt.

    Also after the owners wife arrived she found the bed her husband had almost died in to be filthy as he was trapped in bed for days unable to get help or get up. The bed covered in human waste needed to be destroyed and the garbage men would not even consider taking it till July or maybe never do to it being a health hazzard. She decided it would be best to burn it and got a city fire permit and burned the mattress. I have photos of its condition its not pretty sight. The fire dept then came and tried to take her to jail for burning it and she must now go to court Tuesday before a judge over the citation.

    Any legal advise or help would be appreciated on these matters.

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    Default Re: Building Inspector Misconduct.

    If a building is deemed not safe or fit for residency, and is condemned on that basis, the city can make you move out. They're revoked its occupancy certificate. The fact that the walls look okay from the outside does not mean that the wiring inside the walls is safe, or that there aren't other serious health or structural problems with a building. The owner's heirs are free to get estimates to perform repairs and to bring the building up to code.

    Either the owner's wife had the legal right to burn the mattress or she didn't. The fact that she's charged suggests that she didn't. She should consult a criminal defense lawyer.

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    Default Re: Building Inspector Misconduct

    You don't understand nothing is wrong with the building. He didn't even reinspect it and during the last inspection everything passed. What gives him the right to do all this for no reason? The wife of the owner thinks he is doing this as a form of harassment and possibly an attempt to seize for the property for personal or city use.

    Let me put it this way if Donald Trump fell ill and is taken to a hospital would that give a building inspector the right to to condemn trump tower and evict all the tennants within?

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    Default Re: Building Inspector Misconduct

    If all is well with the building, the owner's wife needs to be availing herself of the services of an attorney.

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