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    Default Becoming a Medical Expert Witness

    How would you suggest I get started as an expert witness? I can demonstrate ample expertise and credentials. Should I contact law offices directly?

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    If you are serious about getting into the field, Rosalie Hamilton has written a book which provides a good introduction to the business and how it works.

    I don't have any stake in that site or in the book - I read the book when it was first published, about a year ago, and think that it provides a good introduction and overview to the business and marketing end of expert witness practice.

    You may wish to speak with other medical professionals you know who practice as experts, to find out how they find their clients. You should also submit your email address to the ExpertLaw expert witness directory - it is presently being upgraded, but can be a very good source of referrals. (And it's free to list yourself.)

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    Default Re: Becoming a Medical Expert Witness

    Hi; I clicked on the above link, and went to the proper area for my husband (dentistry) and clicked on 'add your site' and got a 404 error (page not found)

    Is this because the site is being updated?

    (a few more questions if you don't mind)

    Do you have to have a website to sign up?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions as to marketing that is no to low cost and also effective? (yeah, I know...*lol*)



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