My question involves criminal law for the state of: New York

My business partner and I never put our "partnership" in writing, only had verbal agreements, he left the business after disagreements over money and what was "fair". I contributed to the business in the form of cash, labor and equipment, while he contributed with money. The morning after letting me know in a rage that he was leaving the business and securing the business name (which he had already done one week prior), he came with help to take his belongings from the business, but also took the liberty to take quite a few of mine (including a laptop, laser printer, production equipment, etc) while I was absent from the premises. He did contribute more money to the business than I did, but we have nothing in writing. I need my things back just so I can work again, I have lost two days of work because he took everything. Please help, I don't have any money to buy more equipment or to pay a Lawyer.