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    Default Court Date For Driving On A Suspended License

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: TN
    My mother was stopped for speeding 4 yrs ago & got tiket, when the police ran her license# it came back showing her license had been suspended. She was suppposed to go to court but says she didn't know (she was on drugs at this time & doesn't remember alot about this period in her life). She has since become disabled & receives Social Security Disability & this is her only source of income. She received a notice from Social Security a couple of weeks ago stating she had an outstanding warrant & they were going to cut her benefits off. She said she didn't not know what the warrant was for so she called the police dept to find out what it was for, the same day she called a police officer came to my house & arrested her on a bench warrant for failure to appear in court. Afte I bailed her out of jail we found out it was from failing to appear at court for driving on a suspended license. I am helping her pay the tickets off & pay the state the reinstatement fee. She can no longer drive & does not drive, I was told by the girl at the court clerks office that she would have to have her driver's license reinstated by the time she goes to court in July, if I explain to the judge she can't pass a driving test to get her license back do you think the judge will accept that as a reasonable excuse. We plan on having the ticket & the reinstatement fee pd by the time we go to court. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Court Date For Driving On A Suspended License

    I have found most judges to be very reasonable.

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    Default Re: Court Date For Driving On A Suspended License

    I have conservatorship over my mom, will the judge let me speak for my mom? If not how should she plead, guilty no contest? If the tickets are paid off before we go to court will that help? What kind of punishment do you think she will be facing?

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