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    Question Emancipation In Ontario

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Ontario

    I am 15 soon to be 16 in augest. My problem is that i really want to be emancipated and i have good reasons , its just i dont know how to go about getting it done > and i really do not have proof of my reasons except for witnesses, but i dont want to get them involved. And i dont have a job so that is a big problem to i have many places i could go and live , but the one place my parents will let me go i dont want to because it would ruin my life being so far away from everyone especially my boyfriend. And im not saying its bad here all the time there is mabey 1 or 2 days in a month its ok bu most of the time its only my mom that is doping it my dad isnt part of it , and i have to admit i argue back to but thats only when it gets really bad , like just today my said i would die by the age of 40 because im fat(but im really not that big) and it hurts alot i am being verbally abused. And she says worse things all the time its like i never hear the end of it , and she does other stuff to. I really dont know what to do i dont want to hurt my father but i just cannot live with my mother any longer . And i do not know how to go about getting emancipated or even if it would work. What should I do?

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    What should I do?

    You should address your question to a site specializing in Canadian law, like this one.

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    Or at least follow the instruction you received to read this thread.

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