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    Default Property Damage From Neighbors

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Maryland

    A few weeks ago my neighbors cut down trees that were on my property. Once I found out what was happening I went out and stopped them. I talked to the wife,and she told me her husband would come talk to me. 3 weeks passed, and no visit. so I wrote up a letter explaining the issue and possible resolution. The husband answered the door, and was quite hostile with me. He read the note, but refused to keep it,and promised me he would come talk to me by the end of the weekend on the matter. And a week has now gone by, and no contact. I feel my only avenue left is legal, which I am unfamiliar with and if I really have a case. And how much to expect to pay.

    Description of issue. The line of trees was between our 2 fences, but on my property. Clearly seen on the filed property descriptions. These trees used to be over 20' high and offered amazing privacy for my yard - a big reason why I bought the property. That privacy is also now gone.
    In the cutting down of the trees my fence has leaned over. As the trees grew they had softened up the ground, but also supported my fence. They also left behind all the stumps.
    What I want is my neighbor to repair the fence - should only be a few hours of labor. Replace the trees - estimating 7-9 trees at $45 each.
    If it becomes a court matter I would be more inclined to get what the law will allow, due to all the time invested.

    I am unsure how to proceed. or if I even should.

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    Default Re: Property Damage From Neighbors

    You might try suing in small claims court.

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    Default Re: Property Damage From Neighbors

    The first thing I would do is to send them a letter by certified mail asking if they were aware the trees were on your property, why they cut them down, and how they expect to rectify the damage.
    As it stands now you have no proof the you even complained about it. They might have a a perfectly good reason for what they did (however unlikely that might be) but you can not demonstrate that you even asked.

    Assuming they ignore the letter, you should then find out how much the damage was. A 20' tree is obviously worth much more than $45. The actual loss to your property could be higher than the value of the trees.

    Then demand they compensate you. When they ignore that, you have to sue them.
    From your description they don't seem very neighborly; you don't owe them anything better.

    I had a neighbor actually cut a road through my property with a bulldozer; he didn't think I would mind. He has promised to plant new trees but hasn't actually gotten arount to it yet. I guess I have to remind him.

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