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    Question Work Related Property Damage

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Massachusetts

    While working on a job site (landscaping) I place one of the weed whackers next to the trailer, underneath the side door, which was facing the road.

    A while later, my boss got into the truck and attempted to drive away, running over the weed whacker in the process. The handle on the tool broke but it was otherwise usable. I left the job after the fact and have now been told that the weed whacker ultimately fell apart. My boss admits that he tried to fix it and took it apart to find that the metal support has broken in 2. He is attempting to get me to pay the full price for the weed whacker (300 dollars).

    Who is ultimately liable for the destruction of the property and should I pay any money?

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    Default Re: Work Related Property Damage

    You placed the weed whacker on the pavement, instead of in the trailer? Without informing anyone that you had done so? And your boss, not knowing that you had done this, drove the truck and ran it over?

    I think any reasonable person would hold you responsible for the damages.

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    Default Re: Work Related Property Damage

    Do you still work for this employer?

    Why did you (effectively) hide the weed whacker beneath the truck rather than putting it in the trailer?

    The most he can claim is the depreciated value of the weed whacker - the value of a used weed whacker in similar condition to the one you broke at the time you broke it.

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    Question Re: Work Related Property Damage

    No, I left the the employer for other reasons.

    To clairfy a couple of statements. The weed whakcer wasn't hidden "under" the trailer, it was beside it, in plain view. At the time, I couldn't put it back in the trailer because that would have effectively blocked the lawn mower I was getting. The door to the trailer, wasn't even closed properly or locked when he drove away. The rule of the company is to check for things like that before you drive away so had he followed his own rules, he would have seen the weed whacker. I should have stated that in my earlier post.

    Secondly, having that original opinion I wanted, I have to ask this. The weed whakcer in question worked when I left my job, in fact, I had used it on the last day I worked. The only thing broken about it was the handle, which had been replaced with a different handle already. I spoke with my boss 2 weeks after I had left my job (1 month after the weed whacker had been run over) that the weed whacker had begun to shake, so he took it apart to fix it and found that some bracket had snapped in 2. He also mentioned that "no one had dropped it or anything".

    I had not accused anyone of dropping it at that time. What I now suspect happened is that his nephew, who works for him and already owes him a large sum of money for the car he was bought, dropped the weed whacker and now I am being blamed for damages that I didn't do.

    The weed whacker had worked for over 2 weeks after being run over and had worked since then and suddenly, it just falls apart. I don't buy it.

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