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    Default Teacher Misplaced Student Work

    My question involves education law in the State of: At the begining of the year i had a science teacher, who at the time i really did not expect to be soo irresponsible... so heres the deal, we need at least 1200 minutes of labs in order to take the science regents...and as my teacher for the first half of the year, she was in charge of marking, grading and confirming my labs, i did all my labs/or at least most(85% of all my labs during her session as my teacher) ...but than i find out she loses(she claims they were stolen or misplaced) almost all my labs and a few other students labs and i receive no credit at all and now im forced to make up around 500 minutes which is a lot to be completed within a week...i was just wondering if i could get the board of ed involved or press some kind of charges for this incident...just note i did complete a few labs during this month, but did not gain too much minutes and there are recovery labs available at the end of my school...but i see no need to recover the work that ive completed in the past and have it cut into my personal life because of a teachers irresponsibility..i also find out she CLAIMS to have mysteriously found a few labs and promises to give my current science teacher those labs, its been around 2 weeks since she promised him.

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    Default Re: A Teachers Irresponsibility

    It is not illegal for a teacher to be an airhead.

    Write a letter of complaint to the principal and the Board of Education. It likely won't have any effect on her career (unless lots of you complain), but it will probably make you feel better.

    In the future, keep spare copies of all of your assignments. My son has a similarly airheaded teacher this year who apparently thought her students were not going to fight back. Her reputation preceded her, and the kids all had a plan to deal with it. It's very hard to argue with a student who produces the assignment again immediately from a time and date stamped CD.

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