Okay this is a long story so sit back.

I have a friend the same age as me and he was recently brought from Africa to live in Canada. He is a foster child and he loves it here. Thing is that his immagration hearing recently passed and he was denied citizenship into Canada. Now from what I've heared hes allowed to go back for a second appeal but this is my question to you. I recently found this form (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kit...s/IMM5202E.PDF) and I'm wondering if I could use this to help. He has told me that if returning back to Africa he will be killed by rebel soliders. Now since he is in Canada to avoid persecution can he not be classified as a refugee? Now heres the tricky part he was suspended from school twice (once 3 days other 5 days) because 1. he was caught flushing illegal substances (marijuana) in the bathroom and the second time 2. for smoking on school grounds (marijuana but it was never proven that it was marijuana). Now neither of these incidents were the police called but my question is since it's on his school record can that help decide his fate in Canada?

Also if that does decide his citizenship in Canada can that be pardoned or is there a petition that I could get signed? He a great kid and alot of the store owners by his house love him hes always helping out when he can. Please help ASAP

PS Hes age 14