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    Default Will My Husband Be Eligible To Reenter Under My Approved I-130 Petition After Deport

    I Entered Illegally With My Mom In 1988. I Got An Approved Petition Thru My Us Citizen Brother's I130 Petition In 1998 In 1994 I Had A Child From A Relationship In Which I Got Married In 1995, I Then Got Divorced In 1997 Due To Problems In The Relationship. I Continued To Have Contact With The Mother Of My Child. During This Verry Hard Times I Committed Crimes Non Were Felonies As I Was Asured By My Previous Attorney. She Did Say However That They Are Of Moral Turpitude. 2 Soliciting Prostitution In 1997 And 1999. Domestic Violence 1999 And 2003. All Of Which I Have Served Time And Have Finished All Court Appointed Programs. I Have Always Filed My Incometax Returns And Have Never Been A Burden To Us. I Was Detained In 1999 And Sent To Eloy Arizona Detention Center, I Hired An Attorney Who Was Able To Get Me Out On Bond 6 Months After. I Continued To Be Represented By This Attorney. In 200i I Had My Second Child From The Same Person. The Problems Continued. I Separated From This Person In 2002. In November 2003 I Married My Current Wife Who Is A Us Citizen. This Made My Ex Extremly Angry And I Was Accused By Her Of Domestic Violence In 2003 And They Believed Her I Was Arrested For Domestic Violence But Was Released. I Was Ordered Deported In November 2003. My Previous Attorney Was Suppose To File An Appeal And An Adjustment Of Status. Well My Current Wife And I Sent The I130 Petition In Nov. 20 2003. We Were Called For An Interview In October 2004 To Which We Attended Along With All Documents They Had Requested To Prove We Were A Bonified Marriage. The Previous Attorney Told Us Just To Wait. We Waited And Waited Until The Day Of March 20 2006 When Ins Came Into Our Business And Took Me And Just Deported Me To Tijuana Without Even Giving Me The Opportunity To Be Infront Of A Judge. I Was In Tijuana A Place I Dont Know Because I Have Lived All My Life In Us. I Got Scared And Tried To Re Enter Thru Tecate But Was Detained And Sent To Cca In San Diego. I Talked To My Lawyer And He Told Me It Was Over There Was Nothing He Could Do. My Wife Found Another Attorney Thru The Consulate Of Mexico. The New Attorney Was Able To Find Out That My Previous Attoeney Had Not Filed An Appeal To Cancell The Deportation And That This Attorney Had Been Disbarred For Criminal Conduct Since 1992 And Was Not Even Licenced To Practice Law In The Us. I Explained To Her That We Never Got An Answer To The I130 Petition My Wife Filled In 2003. She Then Asked Us To File It Again Which We Did In December 2006. The Judge Gave Us Untill October 2007 To See If They Would Approve The 2006 I 13o Petition. At The October 2007 Hearring The Petition Was Still Pending And I Gave Up And Decided To Be Deported. I Had Been At Cca For A Year And 6 Months. My Wife And Our Children Moved To Juarez Mexico Because Her Parents Live In El Paso Texas And We Needed To Be By Family. It Has Been Extreemly Hard For My Family To Adjust To Mexico Life I Know They Will Not Make It Here Especially With All The Violence Going On Here In Jiarez, But We Are A Family And This Is The Price We Have To Pay To Be Together. Well I Finally Got An Approved Petition Thru My Wife. My Previous Attorney Stated The She Filled I 212 And I 160 I Will Like To Know What Are My Possibilities To Recieve This Pardons And How Long Will It Take? I Have A Clean Criminal History Since Last Conviction In 2003. I Have Many Good Character Letters And Affidavits. Thank You God Bless You Texas

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    Default Re: Will My Husband Be Eligible To Reenter Under My Approved I-130 Petition After Dep

    Are we really supposed to be able to read that? Rewrite it with normal paragraphs, punctuation and capitalization, and I'll try.

    If he was deported, his reentry is limited by his resulting period of ineligibility.

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    Default Re: Will My Husband Be Eligible To Reenter Under My Approved I-130 Petition After Dep

    I Manuel Luna entered illegally with my mom in 1988. I got an I130 petition approved thru my U.S. citizen brother in 1998. I have two U.S. citizen children. I committed four crimes of moral turpitude. Soliciting prostitution in 1997 and 1999. Domestic violence in 1999 and 2003. I have served the time and have finished all court ordered programs. No felonies. I have always complied with my income tax returns, and have never been a burden to the U.S. I have an approved I 130 petition thru my U.S. citizen brother.
    I was detained in 1999 at Eloy Detention Center in Arizona. I hired a Lawyer who was able to get me out on bond 6 months later. In October 15, 2003, I married my current wife who is a U.S. citizen. I was ordered deported in November 2003. My attorney was paid to file an appeal to try and cancel the deportation, and also an adjustment of status. He had us file an I 130 petition on November 2003. We got an interview with I.N.S. on this petition in October 2004. We attended the interview along with all required documents to prove we were a bonafied marriage. The attorney told us it was a matter of time and we were instructed by him just to wait. We waited and waited.
    On March 20 2006, I.N.S took me from my business and deported me to Tijuana , without giving me the opportunity to in front of a Judge. I was in Tijuana . I was scared because I had lived most of my life in the U.S. I tried to reenter thru Tecate but was detained and sent to C.C.A. Detention Facility in San Diego Ca. My wife was able to talk to my attorney and he told her it was over there was nothing he could do for me.
    My wife hired another attorney The new attorney found out that my ex-attorney had not filed the appeal to try and cancel the deportation or the adjustment of status. My new attorney also discovered that my ex-attorney had been disbarred since 1992 on criminal conduct grounds, and was not licensed to practice law in the U.S. I was misrepresented . I never got the chance to appeal on the deportation. I also never got a response from I.N.S on the 2003 I 130 petition and interview. My new attorney asked my wife to re file it in December 13, 2006. I had been waiting at C.C.A. detention facility fighting my case. The judge said that if there was no approved petition he would have to deport me. The I.N.S judge gave me until October 2007 to see if I.N.S would approve the 2006 I 130 petition . At the October hearing the petition Was still pending and I gave up and decided to be deported. I was deported for 10 years. I had been detained for 19 months.
    My family moved to Juarez , because my wife’s parents live in El Paso Texas and we needed to close to family. It has been extremely hard for my family to cope with living here in Juarez, frankly I don't think they will make it any longer especially because of all the violence going on in Juarez. For now it is the only option if we want to be together.
    We finally got the 2006 I 130 petition approved. While I was detained my attorney filed a I 212 and I 160 waivers. My record is clean since the last conviction in 2003. I have many good character letters and affidavits.
    I will like to know what are my possibilities to receive this pardons and how long will it take. I was told by the Judge than I could continue my case from Juarez Mexico. Thank you so much for your answer.

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