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    Default Abandoned Personal Property

    My question involves divorce in the State of: Georgia

    My divorce was final in Oct. 2007. I was awarded the marital home and my decree states if my spouse failed to remove personal property from the premises within 30 days, they become my possessions. I have repeatedly contacted my spouse via email, nuetral third party, and telephone but only limited personal property has been removed to date (7 mos. post divorce).

    Am I under any legal obligation to notify my spouse or based on the Decree, can I dispose of the personal property as I see fit? My last attempt was via email in Feb. 2008. At that time, we agreed on a schedule, but he did not meet with the agreement and the personal property remains in my home.

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    Default Re: Abandoned Personal Property

    Per your decree,the property is now yours.

    The court gave him 30 days, it's been 7 months, he's out of luck.
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