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    Default Emancipation Laws for Emotional Abuse in Ohio

    I am 16 years old and i live in ohio. My step dad, mother, and myself do not get along. It has now gotten to the point that my mother has hit me and my father threatens to hit me. Also, they are very emotionally abusive. The police have been involved serveral times and all they say is that I am 16 and I have to wait two more years before I can leave. The thing is if I have to wait two more years something serious or dangerous might occur. Is there any way I would be able to be emancipated from my house if my parents agree to do it?

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    Default Emancipating in Ohio

    Ohio has no emancipation law. Neither a minor (< 18) nor the minor's parent is able to file a petition for emancipation.

    A minor can achieve independence from a parent in two ways:

    1. Lawful marriage; or

    2. Successful enlistment in any branch of the Armed Forces.

    However, in the event of divorce or annulment, or discharge from the Armed Forces before the age of 18, custody of the minor will automatically revert to the parent who previously had custody over the minor.

    With your parents consent, you should nonetheless be able to establish an independent household; as you would be a minor they would presumably bear continuing responsibility to ensure that you were living in an appropriate environment, and that your necessities of life were satisfied.

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