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    Question Roommate's Property Left 9 Months

    My question involves a roommate in the State of: Texas

    My former roommate, which was asked to leave 9 months ago (he was then removed from the lease), has yet to pick up his property. He was repeatedly asked to pick up his property, and I even took off work last month when he promised to stop by to pick it up. He never showed up.

    Can I get rid of his property without being sued if he shows up again in a few months? I'm about to move and do not want to be responsible for his property any longer!

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    Default Re: Roommate's Property Left 9 Months

    Consider letting him know the move out date, and telling him that if he doesn't remove it by that time that it will be left behind in the apartment for the landlord to deal with. That may inspire him to act.

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