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    Default Funding A Roth IRA For An Unemployed Spouse

    Hi,If I don't qualify for Roth IRA, can I enroll my wife for Roth and contribute to her account?. My wife is not working currently.

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    Default Re: Funding A Roth IRA For An Unemployed Spouse

    According to Bankrate,
    Quote Quoting Income
    Speaking of income, you must earn money to open any IRA. That means your only income can't be from unearned sources, such as investments. You must get paid wages, a salary, tips, professional fees or bonuses.

    There is an exception that allows Roth accounts for nonworking spouses. If you and your spouse file a joint return but one does not work, the employed spouse can open and contribute to a Roth IRA for the unemployed partner.

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