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    Default Does Terminating This Guardianship Make Sense To Anyone Else?

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: California?

    My 9yr old son has been under the guardianship of his paternal grandparents for 7 years. I have been fighting for custody for over two years. Guardianship was granted due to drug use from which I have been clean for the last 5 years. I have been to mediation multiple times and I am now being told that a new law has passed that gives guardians equal rights as parents. That the burden of proof falls now on the parent to show why he would be better off with them. Is this true? Does it still apply since the the custody case began before the law took effect? How do Judges see a case like this when both environments are equal as far as the well-being of the child. Both myself and the guardians are able and wanting to care for the child. The father only wants custody if I am granted custody.

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    Default Re: Does Terminating This Guardianship Make Sense To Anyone Else?

    Are you stating that there are ongoing court proceedings relating to the guardianship? Are you represented by a lawyer?

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