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    Default Form Letters To DA Offices

    I am trying to get a conviction changed from long ago. The lawyer I hired suggested I get my boss write a character reference letter to the DA's office where the conviction occurred.

    Is there a a website or other medium that you can refer me to that has sample letters to DA's?

    I want to create something and give it to my boss to edit or sign.


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    Default Re: Form Letters To DA Offices

    Expungement laws and procedures are different in each state.

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    Default Re: Form Letters To DA Offices

    True, but would the format of a character reference letter tailored to a district attorney be similiar?

    I am more after samples of character reference letters tailored to a district attorney. I should have mentioned that in the original post.

    Having a sample letter geared towards a particular audience would be helpful in this situation. Perhaps I need to look more at general character reference letters?


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