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    Default Avoiding Deportation After A Prison Sentence


    I have a friend who is in prison serving a sentence of 3 years for drug issues, he has had previous convictions of which he has been cautioned. This person is a kind loving person who has got himself in the wrong crowd. His lawyers will not represent him as they say that his chances of winning are slim, his hearing in on the 25th and he has to represent himself. They have said he can be deported and this hearing concludes whether he will be deported or not. He is 18 years old and all his family are here. he is being deported to ghana and he has not body there. Can someone help me, just to tell me the things he can do to stay in this country, anything is better than nothing, so please come up with suggestion, one suggestion is that it is breaching his human rights, but i would need more, please can you help?

    thank you

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    Default Re: Avoiding Deportation After A Prison Sentence

    How, exactly, were his human rights breached?

    This one is going to be uphill. To be blunt, he is the type of person the US is trying to keep OUT of here.

    Get new counsel... but I have a hard time believing that his attorneys just quit. What really happened?

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    well i have read that it is in breach due to the fact that he has no family there, no uncles, nothing and he does not speak the language, also he has no shelter, no supply of income, nothing. his lawyers quit because they said he has a 10% chance of winning and that is too low.

    can you please come up with suggestions to keep him here.


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