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    Default Ticketed For Driving With International Drivers License

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: TEXAS
    I have an instructional permit issued in Texas. I also have an international drivers license, issued in India which is valid untill august of 2008. It has been less than one year since I came to Texas with an F1 visa.
    I was pulled over for speeding and given a speeding ticket which is fine. I was also ticketed for not having a legal driver sitting beside me, cause I showed the police officer both my instruction permit and International driving license.
    As far as I know and I have read, I am legally allowed to drive by myself, without anyone sitting next to me if I have an International drivers license. Is this not true?

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    Default Re: Ticketed For Driving With International Drivers License

    There is a great deal of confusion surrounding international driver permits. First, it's not a license and is totally invalid when it's not accompanied by a valid driver's license. It's simply intended for clarity.
    In the U.S., they are issued by AAA and it's simply a voucher. I'm assuming it was issued to you in India and was based upon your having a valid Indian driver's license. In short, what counts is that you only have a Texas learner's permit and need to be accompanied by someone with a valid driver's license in order to drive.
    I'd suggest you get a valid Texas license before you go to court. Present your valid Texas license and plead ignorance (which, trust me, is gonna seem believable). I suspect the speeding ticket may be all that you will have to deal with....

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