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    Default Canadian Wants To Sell American Car In The U.S.

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Florida

    Actually, I'm not sure if this forum is the right one.

    I'm Canadian. I bought a car in Florida a few years ago while I was working there. When I lost my job, I came back to Canada and finally decided to stay. I never drove the car back to the US, since I used a truck to move my belongings back to Canada. Shortly after moving back, I went to American customs to have the car imported to Canada. However, the car could not be imported at the time, because it was not fully paid for. Now it is, and, with the rising gas prices, I'd like to sell it. However, import procedures to Canada are a bit costly. So, my questions are:

    1-Is it possible for me to sell the car in the US, to a dealer, for example?
    2-Can this car pass American customs without problems?
    3-Are there any charges or penalties for not registering the car?
    4-Can I sell this car in any state or do I have to sell it the state I bought it in, Florida?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Canadian Wants To Sell American Car In The U.S.

    Where is the car at right now. If I am reading right the vehicle never left the USA. If that is correct then here are your answers.

    1 yes it is possible to sell the car in the USA to anyone that will buy it.
    2 If the vehicle never left the USA then there should be no need to go through customs.
    3 There are penalties for not registering the vehicle. Depending on what state it was registered in will depend on the penalties.
    4 Yes you can sell the vehicle in any state you find a buyer for it in. Just because the vehicle is purchased, registered, titled in one state does not mean it can not be sold in the other state.

    My suggestions
    1. If the vehicle does need to clear customs I suggest you do this before you attempt to sell the vehicle.
    2. Get the vehicle registered in which ever state you are able to do so in.
    3. Obtain a clear title for the vehicle from the state it is registered in.
    4. If your residing in Canada I suggest you attempt to sell the vehicle in a state that borders Canada. Why because it would be easier to do so since these states deal with this on a more regular basis.

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