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    Unhappy Charged With DUI In California

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: california

    Ok,I'm at a party and I get way too drunk and pass out.I have my keys attached to my wallet with my id in it.I have a suspened license but drive anyways(i still gotta live) anyways I pass out and wake up to my wallet, and truck keys,and truck missing.I call my girlfriend get a ride home and find out the next day my truck was taken by "friends" who were driving around and got pulled over and ran.The driver ran and got away.The cop finds my wallet hanging from the ignition, looks at my Id and says to the remaining passengers "so and so(me) was driving wasnt he"? They say yes and write a statement saying I was driving.I later ask why they did this and they said that they were drunk,stoned,and afraid I was gonna press charges,and just wanted to get out of there

    Well my girfriend got my truck out of impound and I was reimbursed by the driver (witch is now living back in washington) I dont wanna press charges cause its resolved and I just flat out dont like cops.

    Well today I find out I have an arrest warrant for this and the cops are trying to pin this on me. I do have a record but never once ran from the cops,resisted arrest,and always fess up if I'm gulity. What I'm wondering is does anyone think they have a case? Especially if one of the guys that made the statement is gonna renigg and testify on my behalf (I just met the second statement giver that night and dont even really know who he is).Thanks idk

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    Default Re: I Really Didnt Do It This Time!

    Oh one more thing.My buddy thats gonna go tell the truth is worried that he's gonna get in trouble for fileing a false report.He was highly intoxicated that night(the cops even asked him how much he had to drink and he said that they have been drinking all day). So if he just goes in and tells them that he was way messed up and he doesnt remember too much(it happened about 6 months ago) will he still get in trouble?thanks, Idk


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    Question Re: I Really Didnt Do It This Time!

    You have several problems.

    You have witnesses that admitted they were drunk.

    You have witnesses that have not come forward in 6 months.

    You have witnesses that you have talked to during the incident and now.

    You need an attorney.

    Someone is going to get in deep poo poo for this... if it ain't you, it will be someone else. Someone was driving that night. Someone must come forward.

    Oh, and the whole "I gotta live" thing doesn't fly in any court. So you had better come up with a really good story about how your truck GOT to the party.... because, otherwise, you will be admitting to driving on a suspended liscense.

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    Default Re: Charged With DUI In California

    Thanks for the fast reply,not that it is gonna help me sleep any lol. The thing is I was trying to get my license fixed,thats how I found out about all this bs..I know I shouldnt drive on a suspended but I'm just trying to be straight up here.maybe my lawyer will advise me on that matter.

    We all thought it was just over.Its only a misdemeanor traffic charge their trying to get me with but I'm not gonna plea bargin or anything cause I didnt do it and if I take it to the box and loose,oh well..They can have my 6 months or a year or whatever.I guess I know where my stimulus check is going lol. I hope I can afford a lawyer.You know what they say,Its better to be rich and guilty then to be poor and innocent

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