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    Default Checking To See If A Passport Is Valid

    My question involves child support in the State of: AZ

    I am 6k in arrears. Please don't start with the deadbeat thing. I make monthly support payments and extra on the back support.

    I have a passport but I am wondering how I can find out if its valid. It doesn't expire for 4 more years but I read on the govt passport sight that if you are 5k+ in back support your passport is revoked. I have never had the courts say they are revoking my passport nor have I ever received anything from CSE stating as such.

    My brother is getting married this winter and asked me to stand up for him. Problem is he is getting married in the UK.

    How do I check if my passport is valid? Do the scanners at the airport actually say if it has been revoked? (Ive never used my passport before Ive just always had one.) I don't want to tell my bro I will be there and get all set and then be denied to board the plane.

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    Default Re: Checking To See If A Passport Is Valid

    Try to go out of the country and see what happens. If you make it then its still valid. But I think they send you a letter telling you that its not valid. I think what you are talking about only applies to people who have not had one and trying to get it..

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    Default Re: Checking To See If A Passport Is Valid

    Here's the Arizona FAQ sheet.
    Quote Quoting How does the parent obligated to pay child support find out the passport has been referred for passport denial?
    The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) sends a notice to the non-custodial parent. This statement is included within the annual IRS Income Tax Refund Offset notice to the obligated parent. The notice states that a passport may be denied if the past due child support is an amount greater than $2500. This provides the non-custodial parent of the intent for referral to the Federal Income Tax Refund Offset and to the Secretary of State for Passport Denial.

    The notice informs the non-custodial parent: of the nature and amount of support owed; the right to obtain copies of the court orders and pay history for review of the debt determination; and the right to an administrative review of the amount owed.

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    Default Re: Checking To See If A Passport Is Valid

    what do i do i am stuck in germany because i cant get a passport. I have been living in germany for the past 8 years. Now i wanna go back but i cant cause i reported my passport as lost and they will not give me a new passport until i pay 30,000 in back support. The thing is i found my passport too months later it was in my girlfriends wallet and not in my jacket that was destoryed like i thought. So i do have a passport but im not sure what to do

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