My question involves criminal law for the state of: ohio

My boyfriend recieved felony theft from using a credit card in his name from his uncles company after leaving. long story.

He was put on probation. I later recieved misdemenor from being at a fight but not fighting. on top of that he did not see his p.o twice and missed payments. That extended his probation a year.

This january he failed a urine test for weed. They ordered him to go to classes. He just failed another test for trace cocaine. We think it is a false positive.

He has been in jail for a week. He had two months left of probation and only 1,000 left on restitution out of 8,000. He works two jobs.

The lawyers we talked to said he should just get a public defender.

My questions are..

Do you think the public defender would be the same as a regular lawyer?

What do you think the punishment will be if the judge takes into account that he needs to work to pay off his original offense, his employers need him to work and have letters prepared, the offenses are minor and the original offense was not a drug charge?

Also, should he argue that it was a false positive or just say he has a

Sorry so long, just clueless and no one is helping