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    Lightbulb MIC On The River

    I was tubing down the Salt River in Arizona, having a few beers and enjoying myself. At the end of the ride i was getting out and me and my friends were confronted by an officer. They asked if any of us were old enough to drink. None of us were. I am 18. They breathalized all of us. I blew a .078. I was wondering if it is better to plead guilty or no contest.

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    You should consult with an attorney, if you do either of the above, you may lose the chance of getting a deal.

    This link is for information only on the possible penalties you would be looking at:

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    If you are underage then plea not guilty and request a Public Defender as you are underage and don't have the financial ability to hire an attorney. Let the PD work out a plea deal for you.

    If you do a flat guilty plea then you could lose your license even though you were not driving.

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