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    Default Can You Sue Your Parents?

    My question is this: If your parents were in a custody battle for four years, and you were basically manipulated into staying with a parent because of the child support received from the other parent, and were made to feel responsible for keeping things status quo, even though you wanted to live with the other parent, what can you do? When one parent is paying the other child support, but you aren't getting the things that you require, for example school supplies, a license etc... can you sue your primary care giver?

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    Default Divorcing a Parent

    Not for the type of conduct you describe. But in Canada, it would appear that once you are 16 you can lawfully set up an independent household, if you are able.

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    I agree with Mr. Knowitall. It is very difficult to prove this time of activity without having the child turn against the parent in question. If child support was court ordered and was paid in accordance and at the time the child was complaining of lack of neccessities, it should have been addressed then. And a licence is not considered a "essential" neccessity. Unless the child was physically locked in a room or confined to the home, they are free to walk away (dependant on the age, a small child usually doesn't make too many decisions on their own, but 12 and up usually are quite vocal especially when things are not going their way). A judge would certainly wonder the motives of the claim, I would assume the child is now estranged from the other parent and has no contact what so ever. A judge would probably question the child (if old enough) but honestly I don't even think you can substaniate a case for this. Unless the child wants to sue the parent, but the grounds for it have to be very strong and most likely ties would be severed for good.

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