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    Default Failure To Protect Charges / Child Placement

    My husband was charged with failure to protect and his ex-wife with physical abuse. We then found out this was her 4th charge. DHS recommended the boys stay with her and attend parenting classes, counseling...etc. Yet the situation has only worsened and the abuse is still ongoing. The judge placed them in a Youth Shelter in our last court hearing, even though the 14 year old wants to live with us. The judge would not give us custody because of a Domestic assualt charge in 2001. We can't afford an attorney, and we feel like our hands are tied. Any suggestions?

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    Default Appointed Attorney

    Ordinarily you would be entitled to appointed counsel, if you cannot afford a lawyer of your own. You may wish to check with the court. You may also wish to check these resources from the ABA.

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