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    HI I just been sued by Wolpoff and Abramson yesterday and today I'm going to court to write a petition with the clerk.. well i have been out of work for 2yrs do to an injury from the army .. MY main q is what will happen if they win judgment against me and i cannot pay ... or let me state it will not pay I don't even owe the debt they are trying to lay on me .... I have no money so i cannot pay them i live in Texas just want to know what will happen?

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    Wait, slow down...

    You don't owe the debt? Were you contacted prior to the filing of the suit, to give you the opportunity to dispute the debt?

    If you were contacted, did you dispute it in writing? If you did not, why not?

    If you weren't contacted at all, you might be able to get the suit thrown out. Elsewise, the burden is on them to prove that you owe the debt.

    Should they prevail, they may be able to attach any assets you have - place a lien on your house, garnish your bank account, etc.

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    One thing to note, should they win...
    check to see if your state disallows them from touching your veteran's benefits. Many states do not allow Veteran's benefits or the deposited benefits (that portion of the bank account) to be garnished.

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