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    Exclamation I-407 Abandonment Of Permanent Residency

    I am hoping someone can help me with my current situation.

    I was a US green card holder who recently filed for I-407 Abandonment of Permanent Residency Status. I completed the appropriate paperwork, and mailed it, along with my green card, to the US Consulate in Sydney, who processed my application and then mailed a copy of the completed document to my home address... the problem is that I never received my copy of this form (Which I apparently need to carry with me whenever I travel to the USA). It has been over 2 weeks since they sent out the form. I have had no success with my Post Office either, as it was not a registered letter, and cannot be tracked.

    I have contacted the Consulate several times regarding this matter, in the hopes of them sending out another copy via Registered Post. However, they have told me that this cannot be done, and that they don't hold copies of I-407 forms.

    What am I to do?????
    I am in a panic, as I am traveling the USA in a few weeks, and am nervous that I will not be able to pass customs without my copy of this form. The Consulate's only suggestion was that I print off the email correspondence that we have had. This does not seem sufficient!

    Any assistance or direction of who else I can contact would be most appreciated.

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    Default Re: I-407 Abandonment Of Permanent Residency

    I've scrounged all over the web and can't find anything that would specifically help you.

    It was suggested to another person in a similar situation to apply for a replacement card with Form I-90, then re-submit the I-407.

    You may not have time before your trip for all that red tape. Take the Consulate's advice for now.

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