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    Default Finding A Person's Bank Account To Garnish

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of New Jersey:
    The defendant's social security number and last know address is known.

    Who to hire or file with the court in the state?
    How do I find the bank account?

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    Default Re: Finding A Person's Bank Account To Garnish

    Take a look at this information.
    Quote Quoting Collecting a Money Judgement - Special Civil Part

    If you do not know where the judgement debtor has a savings or checking account, what personal property the debtor owns, or where the debtor works, you may obtain an information subpoena from the Office of the Special Civil Part Clerk. An information subpoena is a court paper containing questions about the debtor's assets.

    You may serve an original and one copy of an information subpoena upon the debtor either personally or by registered and certified mail, return receipt requested, and simultaneously by regular mail. You also must provide a postage paid, addressed envelope with the information subpoena. The debtor must answer and return the information subpoena within 14 days from the date on which it was served. An information subpoena cannot be served more than once in a six month period without approval of the court. If the debtor does not answer the information subpoena, he or she is subject to contempt sanctions enforceable by the court.


    Another approach for seeking information about a debtor's assets is to file with the court a petition stating the amount due on the judgement. The court issues an order requiring the debtor or any person who has information about the debtor's assets to answer questions concerning these assets at a place and time specified in the court order. A person may be required to appear only once without another court order.

    You may serve a copy of the order for discovery upon the debtor or other person either personally or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested and simultaneously by regular mail at least 10 days before the appearance date.

    If the debtor or person named in the court order does not comply with the court order and fails to appear at the specified time and place to provide information about the debtor's assets, he or she is subject to contempt sanctions enforceable by the court.

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