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    Default Accessing An Online Account After Somebody Gives You Their Password

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: TN

    Ok so me and my ex are fixing to be in a nasty child custody battle. My ex gave me her myspace password one drunken night and never changed it. I have been monitoring her account and making copies of what I see. Is this legal? I am assuming yes because to me it's like giving your atm and pin code to a friend. If you didnt want them to be able to access it or for just a 1 time use I would assume you would change it. Thanks

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    Default Re: Legal Or Illegal

    I don't know about illegal - since she gave you the password - but it's certainly unethical.

    She was drunk when she gave it to you. Not cool, man. What in the world do you hope to accomplish with this?

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