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    Default Husband Committed Fraud

    My question involves divorce in the State of: North Carolina

    My husband of 8 years left me on 10/7/2007. A week later he told me that he is gay and had always been gay with the intention of coming out after his father died but he could not pretend anylonger. Since then he has moved a man into the marital home days after I moved out and has had several sexual relationships. He is now living with a woman whom he intends to marry when our divorce is final. This woman he has known for many years and they told someone that they have always wanted to be together. What are my options in regards to Criminal conversation and alienation of affection and what would the legal ramifications for them be? Also, his lying about his sexuality, are there any options regarding this that I could pursue?

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    I hear that alienation of affection is still a viable cause in North Carolina.

    So go hire a lawyer.

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