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    Default PPO And Possible Civil Suit In Michigan

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Michigan

    I have been stalked in the state of Michigan. I am certain that what has happened fits the legal definition in this state. My ex (we were never married but we did live together for 1.5 years) started harassing me in mid-March beginning with a phone call accusing me of infidelity during the time that we were together, even though at the time of the call we had already been broken up for 2 months. After the first phone call, I left him a voicemail the next day (I knew how to dial directly into his voicemail without having to speak to him) and left him a message telling him not to contact me and stating I would be changing my number to protect myself from further harassment. I did change my number the following week.

    Since then, over the last 5 or so weeks, I have had multiple emails at my place of work, sent to me from his place of work. He is a psychologist, PhD no less, and has sent me emails with information on various disorders which seems to infer that I have or am a candidate for them. I emailed him back and told him to stop. He continued, and also continued to make accusations of infidelity. I finally figured out how to block his email address at work. He got around that by sending an email using another address he completed in an on-line form. He has found out the name of the person I am currently dating and used that person's name in the email address. He has also called me at work several times. I don't think he knows I have called ID where I work. He left one voicemail.

    This past week, I got a phone call from him again - even though I had changed my number. I have no idea how or through whom he obtained my number, but it shocked me to hear from him. He was demanding an apology for my alleged infidelity. I didn't say anything but hung up as soon as I heard his voice.

    I have saved every voicemail he left, every email he sent, and have kept a log of the calls that have come in. That brings me to the present.

    I have been working with a victim's advocacy group and should have a petition for PPO filed by Monday. But my question is, to those of you know about these things, does it appear that I would have a case for a civil suit against him, since he is a PhD psychologist and is trying to do me psychological harm? Also, since he used the email address of his employer, are they liable?

    Sorry to be so lengthy, I just wanted to make sure I covered everything.

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    Default Re: PPO And Possible Civil Suit In Michigan

    His profession has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you may file suit. It's completely irrelevant.

    That he's a psycho stalker MIGHT be grounds for a suit, though. Can you prove damages? Time lost at work, and the like?

    Speak with an attorney.

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