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    Default School involvement-how much is too much?

    Here's a new question. Recently a situation came up which involved a boy on the school bus making inappropriate remarks and gift giving to my two daughters. My oldest was 9 and my youngest 7 1/2, at the time of the incident. A little history: my former husband has custody-by my choice, is remarried and has a son by his current spouse. Now, my oldest daughter did not feel comfortable talking to her father about the situtation and came to me. I was going to approach the principal about it, once I saw the items the boy was giving her, i.e., notes and things but before I could do so their father overheard her talking to me on the phone and once the conversation had ended demanded that she show him the items. He then went to the principal of the school, told her that I was putting our daughter's lives in danger and asked that the girls not be allowed to have any contact with me or my parents, who live in the same town, from school property. And that we not be allowed to have any contact with them while they are on school property outside of public functions. All of this was done in a private meeting, held without my knowledge and without my being invited. I was then given a letter of the principal's decision, not from the school but from my former husband. I do have a copy of the school district's policy of custodial parent's rights and non custodial parent's rights and it is a little vague but leans heavily toward the custodial parent. However, is there a point where the school has overstepped its boundaries?

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    Default Washington Schools & Noncustodial Parent

    Washington has a statute which provides for the noncustodial parent to have access to school records, but there does not seem to be a statute requiring access to the school.

    Your best avenues for relief are probably to petition the school principal to reconsider the ban, or in the alternative to seek relief from the court which has jurisdiction over your custody case.

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