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    Default Can I Apply For OPT Before I Graduate?

    I'm an F-1 student and I have only one last course to complete in order to complete my masters. The problem is, this last course won't be offered until January 2009 (unbelievable, I know). I don't have the financial means to continue taking courses until then (as opposed to going home and losing my chance at my well earned OPT). My goal is to use my OPT to find employment sponsorship. Am I able to apply for my OPT now (April 2008), with this one last course "outstanding"? And if I CAN, am I limited to 20hrs/week and still required to be doing coursework anyways? Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    Default Re: Can I Apply For OPT Before I Graduate?

    You can apply for optional practical training as early as 120 days prior to your graduation date. (Not a full year. Sorry.) Your application must be at the USCIS Office before your graduation date.

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