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    Default Researching Whether A Corporation Still Exists

    My question involves business law in the state of: any state.

    Is there a database or somewhere in which I can check whether a corporation in existance 35 years ago is

    1)still in existence today;

    2) who currently owns it;

    3) if the corporation was ever involved in lawsuits how I can look up those lawsuits.

    I know the name of the company but don't know what state it was originally created in.

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    Default Re: Researching Whether A Corporation Still Exists

    There's no such database. I believe every state offers a database of incorporated entities, with varying amounts of information available for free. Some of them will include entities that are no longer is existence, but the number of years covered will also vary. You can check at various courthouses to see if there is a history of lawsuits against a particular company, and a few even have online checks (but how far back the online records go is, again, highly variable).

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