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    Default Tampering With Documents Overseas

    My question involves small claims court in the state of:

    New York & India

    Okay so I have this lady who lives in the united states, came to india and married someone and coincidently, 2 weeks later her husband dies, she tries to take over property from the deceased family. In India, it is against the law to have more than one marriage even if the marriages are in different countries. She claimed to be divorced to her husband and showed fake documents of the divorce. The family is close to me and asked me for advice so I wanted to confirm if the divorce did in fact take place and discovered that it did not take place by going to the county that was on her fake documents and asking for a public record of the divorce. She does not have a clue about that we are aware of the divorce not taking place. From other sources, I have found out that she is back in the US to divorce her husband to have a record in the county clerks office and tamper the documents again. She will be prosecuted in India for fraud but the system there is not quite as fast, she will get out of the country fast.

    I wanted to know if theres anyway she can be prosecuted here in the US for fraud she tried to commit overseas because she tampered US documents which are from the county clerks office. She had filed a complaint there at the Police headquarters in India showing those documents and also will be brought upon a judge. I have talked to lawyers in india and they said that we will be able to get witness letters, etc from the Judge and the Police Officer that was incharge that took the complaint.

    I was thinking it might be a federal crime.

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    Default Re: Tampering Of Documents Overseas

    If she broke laws in India, report her to the Indian legal authorities.

    What did she do in the United States?

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