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    Default Summons By Credit Card Co/Law Firm

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: CA

    I recently responded to a Summons within the required 30 days (Answer-Contract) from a law firm on behalf of a credit card company. It sounds like it may be an "in house" law firm contracted by card company.

    Anyways, the law firm will not negotiate a lower settlement outside of court but may consider a payment plan. The thing is that the amount shown on the Summons is $1500 and now they are saying that the amount is $2400 due to additional legal fess and interest accrued (since they did not get a repsonse or payment 60 days prior). In addition, the law firm has said that if they do not recieve the said debt they will garnish may wages.

    My quesiton is that can the law firm proceed with the above?

    What other options do I have other than paying what they are asking for or going to court?

    Any assistance regarding my delima is greatly appriected it.


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    Default Re: Summons By Credit Card Co/Law Firm

    You can see if they will set up a payment plan but they don't have to.

    If they get a judgment against you, they can seize all non-exempt assets that your state allows.

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