My question involves guardianship in the State of: Missouri
I have been raising my niece for nearly five years... she turns 5 May 20th. Her mother is a meth addict and has had her from birth to present maybe a total of 8 months of her life. Her father is my brother and until 6 months ago was in prison her entire life. I have a power of attorney signed by the mother due to expire in May. My brother is living in the house with my family since he got out of prison. Tension is rising and the time is coming for him to move out on his own and he is not fit to take his daughter with him but refuses to sign his rights away.
I am concerned about my niece's well being and know it is best for her to remain in our home where we have been a happy family for the past five years. What action can I take to make sure these unfit parents do not screw up my nieces life along with theres and get legal gaudianship.
Please help,
Mom in Mo.