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    Default Sue The Department Of Education For Violating Patriot Act?

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Arizona

    I have had a student loan debt for 9 years. I only owe $4,000 for the one semester I attended school. When I received my most recent statement saying that they were in the process of beginning wage garnishment, I noticed something in the little clear window on the front of the envelope where my address is. It was my social security number, visible for all the world to see. The numbers were separated by the first section middle section and last section but the numbers were in order. Here is approx what it looked like:

    say my social is 101 22 3030

    the line where my social security number is looks like this:

    #70 3030<--last section of numbersT12 S22<--Middle Set of numbers
    101 <--first set of numbers. So this is the complete line as it is on the address window label:

    #70 3030T12 S22101 6#

    Of course I changed my social, so as to not reveal it here, but if everyone who receives these letters has the same format on their visible clear address label, then can't someone who knows how the numbers are to be arranged, ie. someone who has received one of these letters and figured out the order, can't they steal my name and social security number. Is this legal to even have my full social security number, no matter what order on the visible section of my address label? Does this violate the Patriot Act and if it is illegal, is their a way to sue the Department of Education to change this?


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    Default Re: Sue The Department Of Education For Violating Patriot Act?

    I would also like to know if anyone who has received a letter from the U.S. Department of Education has the same information in the same order in their address labels. It doesn't appear in a normal letter from the Dept, only in ones that have a wage garnishment notice and wage adjustment form enclosed. You can tell, cause it has more info on the address label then just your name and address. The normal letters from the dept. only have your name and address. Thanks again for any advice, replies.

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