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    Default Can A Teacher Sue A Parent

    My question involves defamation in the state of:

    My kids just got a new teacher at their school, some guy that used to play for the NFL a long time ago. For some reason my gut told me to research him on our county clerk of court website, I was surprised when I saw two felony charges from many years ago. I didn't say anything to anyone until I heard a teacher was recently fired and I made a comment to someone that he should be the one fired because of his record. So I told the person how I went about finding the info and she researched it herself and printed the court records along with a newspaper article she found on the internet about him being arrested in another state for drug related reasons. We don't know what the outcome of any of his court cases were, whether he was guilty or they were dismissed. So one of the parents printed everything out and started passing it around to all the parents as they dropped off there children in the morning.

    So my question is could this be grounds for a defamation of character lawsuit? I'm concerned since I'm the one who told the person were to find the court records.

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    Default Re: Can Teacher Sue Parent??????

    Q: So my question is could this be grounds for a defamation of character lawsuit?

    A: If it's true, it is not defamation.

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