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    Default Medical Treatment For Arrested People

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Missouri

    If placed under arrest at the scene of an accident. Who is responsible for payment to medical professionals and hospital? Hospital records indicate "guarded" by hospital security at the request of sheriff.

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    Default Re: Medical Treatment For Arrested People

    Generally speaking, you pay your own bill.

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    Default Re: Medical Treatment For Arrested People

    A lot of departments also have "unofficial" policies that if injuries to a suspect occur to the point of needing transport and medical care, the actual arrest doesn't happen until the EXACT moment of discharge - otherwise in some states the "patient" can make arguement that care was due to them while under the state's custody, and thus at the state's expense. This might explain the guarding - someone standing there to swoop in and make the arrest once cleared.

    (When I was dispatching this was always a hassle, because they'd clear the call at the end of the day with a capias, and then later - upon discharge - make the arrest and clear the case accordingly - but they had to do it that way to properly document the TIME and DATE of arrest to show that the patient/suspect was only under medical treatment, and NOT arrest at the time services were provided and expenses incurred.)

    Technicalities of arrest vs. "involuntary medical custody" vary from state to state, but I'd lay money that whenever possible, most agencies and jurisdictions attempt to ensure that expenses for medical care falls to the patient/suspect first.

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