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    Cool If I Clean Carpet, Can Landlord Charge Me To Clean Carpet Again?

    My question involves a security deposit in the State of: California
    My landlord (agent for large corporate apartment bldg) says that even if I clean the carpet, they will charge me again for cleaning it themselves because "by law, all carpets must be steam-cleaned before a new tenant moves in." They were vague about the amount that they would charge me for this. I have not had my preinspection walk-through yet, nor have I moved out. I have cleaned the carpet twice since I've lived here (2 years), and it is very clean and spot-free. How should I proceed to avoid a problem and to get my full deposit back?

    a) Professionally clean it and present them with the receipt to fulfill the steam-cleaning "law" and probably pay less than they'd charge me?
    b) Clean it with a household carpet cleaner, leaving it clean but not professionally?
    c) Get a price quote in writing from them to clean it their way and don't bother to clean it myself if I agree to their price?
    d) None of the above; what do you suggest?

    Thanks so much for you help.

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    Default Re: If I Clean Carpet, Can Landlord Charge Me To Clean Carpet Again?

    Try as I might, I can't find any law stating that the landlord needs to steam clean the carpets and take it out of your security deposit, or that the landlord must steam clean the carpets at all.

    The California Department of Consumer Protection discusses security deposits here.

    This page suggests hiring carpet cleaners yourself and presenting the receipt.

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    Question Re: If I Clean Carpet, Can Landlord Charge Me To Clean Carpet Again?

    CarpetBurned - if you are still hanging around I'd like to know how this turned out for you. I moved out of a rental on 5/25 and just received the statement saying I was charged $60 for 'steam cleaning'. When I spoke to the rental office they also insisted that sanitizing the carpets was required of them for all new tenants and when I told them it was not my responsibility to pay for this according to code 1950 - he said that I was required to return the apartment to the same standards in which it was given to me.
    Did you manage to get your gull deposit back? Any advice for me since it is too late for me to go back and steam clean it myself?

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