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    Default Definition Of "Fugitive Of Justice", Texas

    My question involves the definition of a "fugitive of justice" in relation to posession of firearms. A relative was arrested while working in Yellowstone National Park & charged as a fugitive in posession of a firearm because there exists a ten year old open misdemeanor warrant in the state of Texas & the park rangers found a handgun while searching his dorm room for an MP3 player. Is it possible to charge & convict him as a fugitive in posession of a firearm when the Nat'l Park warrant was for looking for stolen property & the outstanding warrant in Texas is for a misdemeanor & NOT a felony warrant?

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    Default Re: Definition Of "Fugitive Of Justice", Texas

    If he was caught in a federal park, he would typically be charged under federal law, not Texas law. Is that in fact the case?

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