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    Default Worried About Neighbor's Dead Tree

    I'm in Maryland and have a neighbor who has a dying/dead tree on his property. I'm worried it or some of its large branches will fall in my yard, damaging some smaller trees and/or at least requiring removal.
    Question- How do I inform my neighbor of my concerns in a 'nice' way that give me legal standing to recover any of my costs from him if the tree falls in my yard?
    Another tree fell from his yard into mine a few years ago, and he never made the slightest gesture to compensate me or even share costs of removal ($600).
    Do I need to send him a registered letter? What should it say?

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    Default Re: Worried About Neighbor's Dead Tree

    If your neighbors tree falls onto your property, he is responsible to remove it as well as fix the damage. His homeowners ins should cover it, but usually not until it actually falls. This maybe why he's waiting until it does. The cost of removal is on him until it falls, then it's on the ins company.
    I would start by asking your neighbor if he has plans on removing it or not. This is a start. Just say that you are not in a financial situation to cover the costs of another fallen tree. Ask him if he could call his ins company as see if his policy will cover the removal now (doubt that it will, but it doesn't hurt to try). He/she may not be aware that it's a concern of yours. Then follow up with a registered letter, return reciept requested. Unfortunatly, theres not a whole lot you can do until it falls and actually damages your property.

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