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    Default Employer won't let employee treat injury

    I injuryed my knee 3 months ago at work and I have been seeing the docs like I'm suppose to.Each time I go to the docs I explain the pain I'am in and the problem I have with the meds she gives me.Most of the time the pain is so intense I am unable to go to work.It's like she won't listen or does not care.I have been to the specialist 2 times and more visits are recommended but will not be allowed by employer.I want to see another doc but am unsure if I can.Another employee had the same knee injury and she went through this drama for over a year-is there a way to avoid this?Is there a way to get my voice heard?

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    Default Problem with Work-Related Injury

    Your employer won't let you treat your injury? Or is it a problem with your employer's workers' compensation carrier?

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